Thursday, 5 March 2009

Back to the blog.

I seem to have given up with the video blog, part of the reason is that i stopped being able to look at my face constantly whilst editing the video. I think from now on I will post what is happening to the business and possibly to me here, and occassionally add pieces of video as I go. So Things that have happened recently at my shop are:

Red Dwarf came to film at the shop, it made for a very different Friday. They changed the interior of the shop making it a Red Dwarf specialist retailer full of props and toys from the series. All the actors were charming and friendly, and I thought the crew were incredibly patient and polite. The Richmond and Twickenham times published a small article about it, which was another added piece of publicity.

Last weekend Guy and I set up a stand at the Richmond Japanese Art Festival, which was lovely. I spent the weekend watching traditional Japanese dances, drumming, marshal arts and the new phenominum of Cosplay. It was very enjoyable and quite profitable.


Tony said...

how exciting to have the boys from the dwarf in store...

I do hope they were behaved... they have a rep for leaving a trail of ruined stores, towns and planets behind them...


zouave said...

Excellent re Red Dwarf. Looking forward to seeing the episode.

I'm glad the Japan thing was profitable too. It was fun and interesting, wasn't it? The Cosplay phenomenon was indeed most intriguing - Some like dressing up even more than I do, obviously! Hilarious.

Keep up the good blog!